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Hi Love

2-Piece Navy Love Bags

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I’ll take TWO please! Includes a matching collection of Two Packs! One Medium Zipper Pack and One Mini Unpadded Pack.  The Medium Pack features an inside zipper pocket and the Mini UnPadded Pack features more space.   All packs are Ultra-Lightweight, Splash Resistant, and Made from Recycled Materials! 

Purposed for:

Medium Packs: toiletries + wet bathing suits + sweaty t-shirts + packaged snacks + electronic chargers + & more

HI LOVE Insider: Fold them in half and use as a chic fold-over clutch for day or night!

 Mini UnPadded Packs: make up + mask + chargers + pencil/pen case + stylish wallet + sunglasses + passport & more

HI LOVE Insider: They dual as a chic clutch OR as a Wristlet